Textile Sector

Factories and companies involved in the textile sector are fairly distributed throughout the country, but are controlled and managed by big groups that centralize purchasing offices and distribution centers in poles located in Lombardy, Piedmont, Tuscany and Triveneto.

The textile sector in Italy employs a total of 340,000 workers and produces an annual turnover of 25 billions of Euro of which 47% refers to the export.

The advantage Uniholding offers is to be present with distribution points throughout the Italian territory; this allows it to distribute the requested products from factories efficiently, satisfying the requests for small, large or urgent orders; Uniholding group can loan tanks to be used inside customer plants to provide factories that need a continuous supplying of huge quantities of chemically based products.
The group boasts collaborations with the most important sector companies, thus it ensures a continuous products update in order to meet completely all the customer needs as regards the products of basic chemistry.

The environmental challenges, which the industry must continually deal with, find in products distributed by Uniholding the most appropriate and updated solutions in terms of water treatment and recovery of pollutants.
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