Gold Sector

The gold sector in Italy is concentrated in four main centers such as the province of Vicenza (gold), Arezzo and surrounding areas (chains industry), Valenza Po (jewelry) and finally Padua (silver).

Today in the sector operates approximately 10,000 companies engaged in various phases of gold, 25,000 distributors for a total of 130,000 people employed by producers and distributors; each year are manufactured 509 tons of gold, 780 tons of silver, 3,3 tons of platinum for a total value for the retail internal market of 5,526,000 Euro of which 70% is related to the export.

The peculiarity of this area is that beside large companies located in various industrial areas, there are also smaller ones – single or small handcraft laboratories located downtown; thus it is very important that the delivery service ought be made both for small quantity of product and by transportation means of small size to skip quickly even the traffic downtown.
Uniholding uses a large number of vehicles to ensure optimal deliveries; all transportation are also made in ADR in full compliance with safety regulations. Also referring to safety regulations and the environment protection, Uniholding takes care to withdraw the packaging used for deliveries and to clean them up at no additional cost to customers.

The presence of large warehouses close to the main gold poles, the high storage capacity and the partnership with different producers, able to replenish quickly its supply, ensure a very fast and secure Uniholding distribution service.
Product quality is very important in this sector and thus Uniholding group is supported by large laboratories and experienced technicians that ensure it.

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