Galvanic/Mechanical Sector

For these two sectors, which are closely interwoven, there are not predominant production centres. Beside the presence of a large iron and steel industry in Italy, there is a network of small companies who deal with the production and electroplating of metals and this network spreads out over the entire country.

The versatile distribution system of the Uniholding group can satisfy the needs of both big and small companies.

The good warehouses location in all major manufacturing areas make the service quick and functional both for huge and for small quantities. The group has a large number of vehicles of different sizes, that allows a valid and easy distribution service both to the big industrial zone and downtown. Products are delivered via ADR, according to all security and safety regulations.
Furthermore, it’s interesting the opportunity offered by Uniholding to the companies, which desire it, to loan tanks owned by Uniholding to be used directly inside their plant. Uniholding withdraws and cleans all the tanks and the packaging used for deliveries at no additional cost for the customer.
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