Tanning Sector

The tanning industry is present in Italy in three production poles: Veneto in Agno and Chiampo Valley, Tuscany in Santa Croce Sull’Arno, Campania in Solofra district in Avellino province.

  Yhanks to the presence of over 2,404 tanneries, over 252,929 square meter of tanned and finished leather are produced and sold per year on the national market. The number of workers employed in manufacturing and distribution is estimated to be approximately 30,294 units.

Uniholding has established collaborative relations with large companies and thus has a deep and renewable knowledge of their needs to satisfy both concerning the basic chemistry as well as the products related to water treatment and environment protection.
As far as chemically based products are concerned, the demand of the sector is very huge and differentiated. The service provided by Uniholding is very efficient, due to the presence of different warehouses located close to the main tanning poles.

We offer to our customers, especially those requiring large quantities of product, the opportunity to loan tanks owned by the group, to be used directly within their factories.
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