Water Treatment Sector

The resolution of the problem of pollution in Italy, which is full of small and large industries, is a priority and must be addressed both on prevention to reduce environmental impact, in the form of rehabilitation in the case of areas heavily affected by leakage, often accidental toxic substances.
Research in this field is directed today to the development of new methods of treatment can cope with the increasing pollution load of industries, innovative products and allow the recovery of specific toxic substances and the remediation of polluted areas unhealthy.

The adaptation to European environmental legislation has forced entrepreneurs to pay greater attention to disposal of solid waste, purification of civil and industrial liquid waste, slaughter waste gases. They have built new sewage treatment plants and testing laboratory, wich has allowed the development of high quality products.
Uniholding ensures a rapid and active service even when industrial production stops and offers a range of advanced products in the quality and effectiveness.
Customers can also recive tecnichal assistance of competent personnel and they can get support of an innovative laboratory of analysis.
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