Food Sector

In Italy the food industry is present throughout the country with companies specialized according to the lines of regional products; in Emilia Romagna, for example, predominates over the others, the production and the refinement of sugar, in other regions the dairy industry is prevalent with the production of all types of dairy products, from cheese to yogurt; other regions are still important poles of production of pasta.

Uniholding serves several type of companies, from canning industry (jams, tomatoes) to the bakery (biscuits, cakes) and the wine industry which also includes companies that produce liquor and beer; there are also important supplies to companies that make products derived from eggs, to those specializing in the treatment of animal proteins, those that produce animal feed. In Veneto and Emilia Romagna is also very significant the presence of manufacturers of sausages.
In this area should be aimed exclusively products for food, that means "food grade", with certifications recognized by the international control organs.

Uniholding controls carefully its suppliers in order to protect their customers, ensuring secure and tested supplies.

Also in this area, the types of companies range from large industry to small one, so it’s very important, therefore, that the delivery service can also be made for small quantity of product and by transportation of small size in order to offer a quick and widespread service throughout the country.
As these products are used for food, the control of the transportation service is really rigid and it is conducted in full compliance with the regulations.
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