Company History

Uniholding originates from the merge of two historical companies of Vicenza: Filippi Giuseppe dei F.lli Filippi srl and Bomitali Luigi e Figli srl.

From the third family generation of the most imortant entrepreneurs in Veneto Region, it has grown a new young and specialized team that is able to face every sector of the company with skill and technical knowledge; supported by big analytical laboratories and the assistance of expert technicians, the team is ready to face the global challenge in a very competitive market, while maintaining at most concern for the environment and acting in harmony with it.

Through mergers, acquisitions and new business creation, the company has expanded nationwide becoming market leader in the distribution of chemically-based products for the tanning industry. The range of treated products has been diversified and progressively expanded: Uniholding is now able to offer a quality service to other important industry of our country, particularly textiles, jewelry, galvanic and mechanical, food and sewage treatment.
Uniholding, provides a coordinate facilities network distributed throughout Italy through the companies of its group: Unichimica, Vukisa and Mare. Thanks to the massive warehouses which are close to strategic areas, to a substantial number of vehicles, to an high storage capacity and other production groups in partnership, which are able to supply in a short time the deposits, Uniholding loans its tanks that can be installed in the customers factories.
Uniholding Companies have certifications recognized by national organic control council in order to guarantee quality products and services, ADR transport, packaging collection and cleaning without additional costs.
Uniholding concentrates in itself the work experience of big companies specialized in the distribution of chemicals, important know-how, sophisticated laboratories, highly skilled and professionals technicians.

The main target of Uniholding is to become an important partner and a source of reference for manufacturing companies, through a widespread distribution system of chemicals throughout Italy, technical support and analysis and being the guarantor of quality products in particular reference to safety standards and environmental respect.
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